Waking Life is the synthesis of the creative juices of all its participants. It’s this communal aspect that gives its uniqueness and diversified flavour. Hop on board, take the ride, cos we’re always looking for committed crew members. You can build strange installations, offer out-of-the-ordinary workshops, join the eco or caretaking squads depending on whether soil or wellbeing is your kink of choice, or lend a hand to one of the teams that make all of this weirdness possible.


Building, decorating, greeting, caretaking. Too much to sum up. If you’d like to be a helping hand before, during, or after the festival, you can register here to volunteer. If you’d like to volunteer throughout the year, please drop us an email.


Waking Life is rooted in its natural habitat, the trees, the lake, and all the non-human lifeforms that have been inhabiting this area long before we arrived. It is imperative that we act as respectful stewards of our surroundings, and leave things in a better condition than when we arrived.

Art installations

There’s plenty of room by the lake and woods that we’re able to use as a beautiful backdrop for all sorts of art installations. (applications are now closed)

Performance art

We thrive and are inspired through everyone’s unique creativity. From live musicians or improvisation to dance or water aerobics, if there is any way you would like to contribute, just get in touch. (applications are now closed)


Those with a calling to heal, to host or to facilitate wellbeing, will flood the festival grounds with care and comforting touches. The Caretakers are performers, tripsitters, or simply empaths with an eye for anticipating the needs of others. The essence of this squad is curating a spirit of collective care, and showing how a mindful community tends to its members.


The space for reflection, contemplation, dialogue, learning, feeling, evolving. Here we shift perspectives, flirt with boundaries, tickle taboos, and play with the unknown. If you’re interested in participating with a talk, a performance, an idea for a debate or a workshop, contact us through apuro@wakinglife.pt and remember – the weirder, edgier and non-vanilla the better! 

Creative camps

Waking Life is an open stage, co-created by its participants. Feel like interacting? Spice up your camp and bring out your wildest fantasies.


If you would like to contribute to Waking Life by providing tasty food or drinks, fill out our vendor application form.