Welcome to the updated ‘tickets’ section. We’d like to highlight this isn’t a ticket to a show, instead it is entry into a community-led, participatory event. Transforming passive to engaged, consumer to creator, observer to deep-diver, the spaces for new world-building await.

  • Participation fee (ticket)
    excluding €10 waste deposit
  • Shuttlebus
    from and to Lisboa, Porto and Madrid airport
  • Sleepy Tipi
    sleep in a comfortable and equipped tipi
  • Klingeling
    Pre-purchase your Waking Life currency
  • Carbon offset
    Help offset (y)our carbon emissions

General info

Tickets to Waking Life are limited. All tickets include free parking and access to the campsite, and each ticket is sold with an additional €10 waste deposit. Earn your waste deposit back by handing in your full (and recycled) bags of waste along with your waste deposit ticket.

I lost my ticket(s)

Click here if you lost your tickets or if you need to download them again.


Waking Life aims to be an inclusive space, accessible to people in different geographical, economic and social situations. Subsidized tickets are one of the ways we promote that inclusiveness. These lower-priced tickets are meant for participants who couldn’t afford the regular tickets. We welcome your application to a ticket at 50% reduced rate (until April 1st) if you are in a difficult financial situation, whether due to personal circumstance or the economic context of the country you live in (such as the one in Portugal). We offer an extra ticket to any person with disability to bring along one person to assist you, free of charge. Reach out to info@wakinglife.pt to apply.


Waking Life is an independent nonprofit association, free from sponsorships, financed by family and friends and all of you. So where does the money go? From this year on, we will share with you our annual expenses and revenue report which will give a clearer picture of the resources we’re handling as well as the monetary value flowing in and out of our community.

Ticket personalisation

All tickets have to be personalised. This means that the name on each ticket will be checked without exception, and it will not be possible to enter with a ticket under someone else’s name. The only safe platform to re-sell and buy tickets is Ticketswap. It will automatically update the name on the ticket to the one of the new ticket holder.

Bus rides

Hop on for a comfortable and more sustainable way to get to Waking Life. Waking Life shuttles drive between Lisbon, Porto and Madrid airport to Crato and back. Travel times are about 4 hours from Lisbon, 5 from Porto and 7 from Madrid.

Sleepy Tipi

A limited amount of tipis are available, intended for those who won’t have the possibility to bring camping gear to Crato. Upon entering your tipi a deposit of €100 will have to be paid, which will be given back after leaving it in good condition.

Carbon offset

The carbon offset ticket is an optional contribution related to Waking Life’s CO2 emissions. It includes the project’s festival production, our transportation, waste and water footprint, amongst other kpi’s. The amount collected with the offset tickets will be used to invest directly in regenerative practices and contribute to our mission to become carbon negative. More details and results will be mentioned in our yearly sustainability report.


Volunteers do not need to participate in the ticket raffle, but keep in mind that tickets to Waking Life are limited and volunteer positions as well.

Crato residents

Registered Crato residents can apply for a free ticket between May 1st and July 1st at their junta de freguesia. Please bring your ID card and a proof of residence to register.


Kids between the age of 3 and 13 years old accompanied by at least one parent or guardian are granted free access to Waking Life. To keep up on how many youngsters are running around on site, parents or guardians will need to apply for this ticket as a subsidized ticket.

Weekend tickets

Day or weekend tickets are not available. Waking Life is best served as an immersive week-long happening, where time takes a backseat to the experiences you will encounter and create.