What do you think?

Waking Life is a playground for more than the celebration of music and the arts. We are a creative community, rich in knowledge and ideas, so why not share them amongst each other? This is why we created a program to debate a few interesting topics, bringing together people with different backgrounds, interests, outlooks and skills.

Our inspiring canvas in Crato is the perfect setting to hold programs centred on themes we all care about. Share, debate and most importantly learn from each other. We invite you to discover a few of the themes we will be forming programs around in this year’s edition:

Human impact

Join specialists in education and sustainability to learn the tools to improve our collective human experience. Ranging from talks about our social organization to workshops on innovative methods in sustainable living, here we will look at the present ‘state of the arts’ and think of possible ways of how they could develop.  

Universal languages

Languages exist in many forms and teach us infinite knowledge when we understand the languages of others… What can we learn when we explore the way we speak, the music and art we create, and the dreams that are the language of our subconscious? We’ll host talks and workshops which travel through these subjects, such as practicing and applying the concepts behind (modular) synthesizers or sharing and analysing dream perceptions.


Our human form is the only thing we carry with us our entire lives. Join a collective of experts in workshops on yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, touch and dance, as we explore our bodies and methods of rejuvenation.


We want to hear from you! If you have thoughts on subjects, or would like to join/host a panel, please get in touch through info@wakinglife.pt.