This year Apuro flows into two branches: Mapuro and Bapuro. You’ve already heard about Mapuro in our previous story, a space dedicated to exploring our reflective capacities. Today we will focus on Bapuro, a place to understand our communication with the self by ways of movement, expression and contemplation.

We see the body as the primary tool for such investigations. By understanding our physical expression we gain access to a deeper exploration of the self. Somewhere between our intuition and analysis there is a curiosity about our experiences that transcend the physical. From this place we may begin to ask, what moves us?

With your input, we will approach this subject in a variety of ways, seeking to explore many open questions.


The states of consciousness that can be accessed through concentration and stillness can unveil the layers of reality that pave our existence. Using imagination and meditation we might develop different ways of understanding our surroundings. In this motionless state, we are curious about the dependency on the senses and our perceptions of reality. What messages are hidden in the silence? What happens to the mind when you still the body? What can be learnt through unspoken communication?


Here we seek to explore the borders and parametres set by our own physicality and the material body. We are interested in both the influence of the body on our psychology and internal worlds, as well as its tendency to shape our identity and interactions with what’s around us. How do we sense the limits and possibilities of our own bodies? Where do the images of the body come from and how do they evolve over time? We are interested in improvisation, somatic expression and forms of movement that disclose different cultures as well as our own identities.


Through art forms such as role playing, speaking in rhymes or experimenting with visuals we are able to propose creative counterpoints in response to the challenges we face, individually and collectively. The way we express ourselves in the realm of the arts allows access to perspectives that are seemingly inaccessible in everyday life. Such expression can enable a discovery that may have been previously unknown. We want to exercise our capacity to form radical and uncensored narratives, questioning boundaries and allowing for critical judgement. We are interested in poetry, storytelling, theatre, soundscapes or other forms of creative expression you wish to disclose.


As day turns to night, we will transform our space into a viewing platform to discover artistic offerings relating to our topics and themes. How does watching an abstract performance move us towards different ways of thinking? And as a performer, how do you do this? What is the language that you use to convey your message? We are interested in work that reflects these preoccupations.

As in Mapuro, we surely want you to take part in Bapuro! If you wish to participate with a workshop, a talk, or bring creative input on any of these subjects, let us know your ideas to