Open crew positions

Kitchen Chefs

As a kitchen chef, you write weekly menus and prepare healthy dishes (that ideally also taste divine) for crew and volunteers. You delegate tasks to your kitchen staff to ensure meals are prepared in a timely manner (hanger-prevention protocol). You are familiar with sanitation regulations (i.e don’t be a dirty betch ;))


– Maintain the kitchen & cooking utensils in good working order, (manage  kitchen equipment (e.g. grillers & pasta makers);
– Write recipes and gather all necessary ingredients;
– Monitor food stock and place orders;
– Check freshness of food (nobody likes soggy tomatoes);
– Get creative with recipes, make similar ingredients taste different (our taste buds have ODed on beans);
– Ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations within the kitchen area;
– Be a good ship captain, ability to remain as cool as a cucumber under pressure.

The Kitchen Chef should be available at least 2 weeks between July 10th and August 28th 2022. Based on your availabilities we can schedule your shifts before, during or after the festival.

Light Technicians

As a light technician you are responsible for the build up and take down of all lights – on stages, structures and in between areas. You have a good understanding of lighting fixtures, power, dmx connections, and you feel comfortable to work in heights. 

Availability: August 5th till August 25th.

Materials Managers

As a Materials Manager, you are responsible for all the building materials and hardware arriving and leaving your unit. We are looking for 3 people to fill these positions, and they can cover the entire time period based on their collective availabilities.


– Manage all arriving (building) materials and hardware;
– Storage/inventory upkeep;
– Labeling;
– Distribution to teams;
– Keeping workbooks and the timeline of materials;
– Recover ‘lost’ materials and/or tools;
– Proper maintenance of all equipment (we also plan to do this festival next year);
– General cleaning & fixing of stuff, you’ll know what needs to be done.

The Materials Managers should be available at least two weeks between July 10th and August 28th 2022.  Based on your availabilities we can schedule your shifts before, during or after the festival.

Purchasing Manager

Two Portuguese-speaking purchasers (also fluent in English) needed to build a network of local suppliers from the Portalgre region. Develop and maintain relationships to know where to find specific materials for the best price:quality:fairtrade.


– Complete all necessary purchases for different departments on a daily basis;
– Manage the distribution of all purchases within the festival;
– Gather and fill purchase orders & keep spreadsheets updated daily (one person with healthy excel/google sheets fetish);
– Have construction experience/knowledge of tools and building materials;
– Good knowledge of project management and administration.

Availability: August 1st till August 17th.

Safety Manager

The Safety Department develops and executes safety plans for the festival according to legal guidelines. It prepares and enforces policies to establish a culture of safety, evaluating practices, procedures and facilities to assess risks and adherence to the law.


– You ensure everyone complies with safety regulations;
– You are responsible for establishing policies that will create and maintain a safe workplace;
– You must have excellent attention to detail to identify hazards;
– Able to discover opportunities for improving conditions and execute various safety programs;
– The ability to communicate guidelines to a multidisciplinary workforce is essential.

Availability: August 10th till August 25th.

EcoPiratas Area Managers

Eco-warriors who get their kick out of making Waking Life more sustainable.


– You are responsible for the waste management of one of the areas, during and after the festival;
– You will lead and manage a team of volunteers during the festival’s takedown, ensure their safety and health, and provide them with protective equipment;
– The waste management of the festival depends on you, so develop a wider sustainability culture within the festival;
– Sustainability and greening practices give you wet dreams.

Availability: August 14th till August 30th (possibly to be extended).

Food & Beverage Area Manager

Waking Life has three F&B areas, each of which is overseen by two area managers that work closely together. As an area manager, you are responsible for coordinating all food shops & bars in a particular area of the festival.


– You are in contact with food vendors and bar managers and make sure that they can work in the best possible circumstances (happy food/bar people, happy festival participants);
– You are the go-to person for questions regarding logistics, facilities and the cashless payment system;
– You report problems and follow-up;
– You are our eyes and ears in the field, the important link between the organisation and our crew & external partners, you are continuously exchanging information and doing quality checks;
– Ensure smooth day-to-day running of the festival’s F&B operations.

Availability: August 16th till August 23th.

Food & Beverage Logistics Assistant

As a Logistics Assistant, you are responsible for making sure that every bar is stocked with the right amount of beverages and bar stuff.

– You receive incoming goods and make sure they are distributed to the festival site according to the instructions of your Food & Beverages Manager;
– Using forklifts (yeah heavy machinery!), you load and unload pallets with drinks from trucks into cooling reefers;
– You deliver fruit, ice and cups and prepare boxes with all the essential bar manager’s tools (mandatory watching of Tom Cruise in Cocktail);
– During the festival, the Logistics Assistant works in tandem with other logistical heroes, collectively handling a broad range of tasks that make the bar manager’s life easier;
– This includes doing stock counts, restocking bars, handling reusable cups and distributing ice ice baby;
– When the festival is over (it has to happen) you take care of emptying all beverage stocks, prepping leftovers for return to our suppliers and supporting the collection of the remaining goods.

Availability: August 10th till August 25th.