Waking Life 2022 – Ticket info

On August 17th 2022, it will have been 1,094 days since we last converged at Waking Life, but who’s counting? It feels surreal to be meeting on dancefloors again, just as surreal as it felt when dancefloors became outlawed in early 2020. But surrealism, weirdness and altered states have always been cornerstones of festival culture, so we’re itching to build new realities.

So, the long-awaited moment has arrived – ticket time!

Instead of waking up early, e-queuing, or being at the mercy of your wifi connections, everyone interested in coming to Waking Life 2022 will spin the Wheel of Fortune (technonerds, call this a randomisation algorithm).

You make a profile, alone or in a group. Sign up for spinning the wheel, and everyone taking part will get a more fair chance to participate in Waking Life next summer. It will be possible to subscribe to the raffle between December 1st and February 15th.

Participants who hold a 2020 voucher will receive their voucher by the end of November. They will not have to participate in the raffle and will be able to exchange their voucher into a ticket up until March 1st. After that date all vouchers will expire and voucher holders will receive a refund of their ticket value minus any donation value. Those of you who donated 100% of their ticket will also receive a voucher, with a value of 10 euro waste deposit. Muito obrigada once again to everyone who contributed (part of) their ticket <3

New participants pay 220 euro (this amounts to 36,50 euro per festival day), and only 3000 new tickets will be made available. Why the price hike? Primarily because during our last editions the ticket price did not add up to the production cost of Waking Life. Then Covid happened and two years went by, which would have meant a more gradual increase in price. When calculating the ticket price for 2022 we also had to take into account rising wood, transport and rental prices (amongst others), and the crew members that work year-round or during summer to make Waking Life happen will receive a financial compensation for their work from this year onwards. Finally, we are running land regeneration and community projects, which are complementary to the wider vision of Waking Life, meaning that your contributions are directly sourcing our eco-social programmes.

There will be a batch of subsidized tickets at a 50% reduced rate for those who would struggle to pay the full amount. We welcome your application to a subsidized ticket as of now if you are in a difficult financial situation, whether due to personal circumstance or the economic context of the country you live in (such as the one in Portugal).

Last but not least, you can also join the team that makes Waking Life happen and apply to volunteer. Volunteers do not need to participate in the ticket raffle, but keep in mind that tickets to Waking Life are limited and volunteer positions as well. Applications will open on December 1st.

For more information visit www.wakinglife.pt, or email .

See you in 275 days : )