… And so it all started.

Friends from close and far,

Over the past two years we’ve been working steadily towards what will be the 1st edition of Waking Life. With this first story, we would like to give you some insight on the project and what we aim to achieve so that you can help us make it become reality.

During the Fall of 2015 we began searching for a blank canvas where we could gather like-minded people for several days to create something which would, in the end, be a joint composition of what our minds and hands express on that canvas. Eventually we found the place near the medieval town of Crato, a place in northern Alentejo, Portugal. As we encountered this spot, the urge for it to become the home of our project was just as natural as the site itself. And so it all started.

We are a bunch of people of different ages and backgrounds – our origins lie across different borders. Along the way we all got to know each other because of a common passion for music, shared values, and ideas. Probably very similar to all of you and what brought you here as well.

The vision we have for Waking Life is a gathering based on cooperation, freedom and creative expression. Let’s turn it into a vibrant experience of music, arts and craft sharing, surrounded by nature, aside from the paved roads we mostly travel on. We think it’s important to, once in a while, disconnect from our normal routines and be open to fresh ideas. It’s always enriching to take some time to connect with your surroundings and inspire one another.

Throughout the next months we will keep sharing the journey of Waking Life on this page. You will be able to read stories which can range from personal experiences to informative messages, our successes and failures as well as learning processes and actions we will take accordingly. We hope we will be able to keep building and learning, and that eventually this will lead to inspiring encounters and exciting things in the years to come.

It’s going to be hot so let’s make it super cool.

Aqui vamos nós!